How writing can improve your mental health !

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.

The power of reframing thoughts

Our behaviours are consistent with how our identity is structured.
We become what we think and what we feel.

How to ask for help at work ?

Needing help at work is totally normal, but asking for assistance can be tricky to do without alienating or annoying anyone.

3 questions to ask to help your team solve problems

As a manager/leader, it can be tempting to share an answer to a problem that’s perplexing your team.
Instead of giving them answers, ask them these 3 questions.

3 tips to improve your leadership

Leadership is a responsibility to do more.
Leadership is not about you, but it all starts with you !

What makes someone credible ?

Credibility comprises the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message.

What are 3 elements true to the world ?

Watch this video to remind yourself of what do we always need to keep in mind while designing change…

Emotions at work

To succeed in today’s work environment, says Daniel Goleman, author of Working with Emotional Intelligence, it’s important to understand our emotions…

What to do to make people remember your message ?

Dear Risers,
Communication is key. Here I am sharing with you a few tips to structure your message to make sure your audience remembers what you told them 😉 !

How do you frame your questions ?

If you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers.
A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer.

What is Allyship ?

Dear Risers,
Allyship is one of the buzz words that we hear a lot, but what does it actually mean, and what does it imply ?

The ABC of what makes a good meeting

Dear Risers !
In this short video, we share with you a few thoughts on what you need to prepare for a good meeting.

Reaching the Finish Line

We can all start a project, a race, a transformation but not everyone will finish it.

Self-Talk Tips

Researchers estimate that we think about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.
To which voice are you giving power inside your head !

The power of the belief system

Internal beliefs are powerful. As they are within us they lead our journey. While some support us to thrive, others sabotage us, and interfere with our potential.

Compassion : How will you decide to lead ?

Quite often we forget how compassion is powerful.
Thank to it, we grow, create our vision, catch our dreams, engage in our passion.

The power of asking questions

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire
Questions are powerful, through this video we share with you why !

What did you learn about yourself in 2020 ?

2020 has shaken us in many ways. Through challenges and discomfort, we grow.
My dear risers, this your story !

The 1% rule

What is in the way of making you achieve your goals ?
In this video, we share with you a few thoughts to help you reflect and take a step forward.

There is no age to drive change, innovate, transform

Dear Risers,
There is No Age to transform the World!
You are never too young and never to old to #drivechange and #challengeboundaries …

The gifts in the challenges we face

The last months have been challenging and have requested that we keep demonstrating permanent resilience …

Rethinking stress

Today, I wanted to talk to you about rethinking stress and trying to manage it.
The first thing to bear in mind is that stress is a paradox…

The importance of managing yourself first

Dear Risers, while this might sound counter intuitive to some of you that consider that their priority is to first manage the business …

How we are is How we Lead

Dear Risers, through this video, we invite you to reflect on how you look at yourself and the impact this has on everything…

What’s your IOS ?

Today, I wanted to talk to you about your IOS. Here I am not talking about your iPhone Operating System but …

How do you cultivate trust ?

Trust is an urgent topic. Trust-building is a vital leadership competency. “Without trust you can’t have engaged relationships, without engaged…

What is holding you back from changing ?

Getting to know yourself is precious and can support you in finding meaning and purpose. It can particularly help you answer…

There are so many ways to look…

Through this video, in order to keep on building your self-awareness, we invite you to get some perspective on how there are different ways …

My wish for my birthday

Thank you ❤️. My wish for my birthday is that we rise together to bring more love, care, humanity and respect into this world …

How awake are you ?

Today, I wanted to ask you how “awake” you were. Here I am not talking about your potential need of a coffee, but more of how self-aware you are…

How to keep your team engaged and motivated during the covid19 crisis ?

So many things have changed in the last two months.Through this video, I’ll try to give you a few tips to support you on how to keep your …

Dream Big !

Through this video, we invite you through some tips to live in the space of the vision that you have for yourself and move towards your purpose …

A New Vision Board : Who do I want to be ?

Most of us have already done bucket lists, places to go lists, things we want to absolutely try, or more creatively vision boards where we draw…

How do you shift your Mindset ?

It might feel a bit awkward but we have control over how we decide to feel about things. Research suggests that if we want to drive…

Compassion leads to Growth

Quite often we forget how compassion is powerful. Thank to it, we grow, create our vision, catch our dreams, engage in our passion…

How To Run A Remote Team During A Crisis Like The Covid19 Pandemic ?

Through this video, I’ll try to give you a few tips to support you, as for the first time most of us are working remotely from home…

Supporting YOU During #Socialdistancing

Dear Leaders, please lead by example. Demonstrate #resilience We will support our community…

What Is The Difference Between Coaching, Mentoring And Consulting ?

Coaching, mentoring and consulting are 3 different things ! Yet they are so often mingled…

What do we offer in Leadership, how do we drive change and what makes us different !

What do we offer in Leadership, how do we drive change and what makes us different …

This is Rise & Lead ! We challenge boundaries !

Leaders mould the world we live in. Supporting them in their leadership journey will ultimately make the world a better place …


Hybrid working : it’s time to test your agility

Pre-Covid 19, working at the physical workplace was the norm with 99% expecting to be there on a daily basis, while today more than 50% expect to spend their time remotely.

The role of corporate culture when designing change

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, one of the ways to sustain change and manage uncertainty is by creating a corporate culture that matches your needs as a an organisation.

Saying thank you at work

Saying “Thank you” and “Please” in a meaningful way are one of the first few things we teach our children

Burnout, our role as leaders

With a permanent push to over-achieving, over-performing, over-working fueled by both the perception that pushing our limits in unprecedented ways

The Mini-Me syndrome : How aware are you of this blind spot ?

While for some of you Mini-Me might resonate with the name of the character played by Verne Troyer in the movie Austin Powers …

Great successes come from having the freedom to fail

Quite often we hear, don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of not trying.  It’s about getting out there and doing it.

How do you combine vulnerability together with leadership?

Combining vulnerability together with leadership is probably one of the most challenging things to do for a leader…

How to plan ahead and make decisions during uncertain times ?

For the last weeks, a lot of us have been operating on a day to day basis. One step at a time, waiting to hear back from our respective

How do you decide to show up, serve and lead ?

It’s been a few weeks now that our world has been shaken. Unless we are an essential key worker, most of us are working from home while home …

Leading through crisis

Today we are all together facing the Unknown.
This fight against this coronavirus has united the world more than ever …

The power of the unconscious bias

Over the last decades, women have managed to achieve so much in the workplace and yet breaking the glass ceiling still seems to be a challenge…

What if we placed the heart at the centre of leadership?

Today, men and women around the world are opening their hearts by celebrating those closest to them with extravagant acts of love…

You Are the Message

We tend to forget that the body is delivering as well the message. Teams make meaning out of the way you are…

The power of interference

One of my biggest Aha moments in 2019 was when I read this equation:
“Performance = Potential – Interference” …

Vulnerability & the power of Authenticity

Vulnerability in Western cultures is often perceived as a weakness, an open door to a potential attack by others who can then easily target us and hurt us…


How are leaders today leading with authenticity?

‘Introducing Asra Abdulaziz joining us from United Kingdom to talk about leadership and Leadership …


‘The Brand Called You’ is a platform that brings you Leadership Lessons, Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom …